The Elder Scrolls Online – The Two New Areas

The Elder Scrolls Online continues the classic tradition of classic fantasy role-playing games with its highly engrossing storyline and top-notch graphics. The game’s latest chapter, Greymoor, sows the seeds for the next year-long Dark Heart of Skyrim story. For the first time ever, the lush, steaming swampy expanses of Western Skyrim can be explored, although this is not quite the same game universe players will be familiar with from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the previous entry to the series. What this means to you and your play experience, however, is that The Elder Scrolls Online is going to be more open and free-flowing than any of the previous games, which is why I recommend this to anyone new to the franchise.

So, let’s talk about this new chapter, The Dark Age of the Earth. If you’ve played previous The Elder Scrolls games, then you know all about how boring and repetitive the quests were, but I think it was because they were part of a narrative, a subplot, which I can understand. With The Dark Age, however, the quests are standalone. Now, I’m not sure if it’s because the story wasn’t cohesive enough or if the writing itself was too lazy, but this doesn’t affect me one bit.

What this means to you, however, is that there are three main areas of The Elder Scrolls Online: Cyrodiil, Hjaalmers, and Thieves Guild. For every player who plays the game, these areas will be completely different, so what do you need to do? Well, that’s where your character comes into play, because all of your skills, abilities, attributes, etc. will help you in certain areas of the game, so learning all the quests will just be icing on the cake.

For example, in Tamriel, you’ll find the Reach as the focal point of your experience, which is where the main storyline takes place. From there, you travel to Summerset, where the actual game takes place, and finally, you learn about the city of Elvalas and the other zones there. Thieves Guild, on the other hand, is all about going into PvP instances and raiding other players, so there’s less involved grinding, more grinding. In fact, I only needed to kill five mobs when I was out of combat, whereas in Summerset or Elvalas, I had to kill over a hundred for one good instance of combat.

That’s what I love about The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel. It allows players to jump right into their own playstyle and doesn’t try to force them to fit into an already established story. Instead, it tries to highlight the open spaces and the things that make each region unique, while still providing enough content for those who want more of whatever it is they’re looking for. And since Tamriel is split up into two zones, there are two new zones for gamers to get familiar with and enjoy.

Speaking of new zones, the upcoming expansion known as MMO: Summerset will be bringing four brand new areas for gamers to explore. There’re like Wayrest, Chamonix, Summerset, and Elsweim, as well as a new guild leveling system, quests, and a whole lot more to keep you busy. As for the cost of buying the expansions, they’re all available through the traditional MMO format, so you don’t need a monthly subscription to get access to them.

But what about the future? Right now, there’s no specific timetable for an MMO release date. What we do know is that there will be at least two more major expansions released before the end of October, including the final part of The Elder Scrolls Online. And in the meantime, Tamriel has only just begun to be added to the rest of the game’s expansions. We expect the final two parts of Summerset to be released around the same time, sometime in April or May even early June. So there’s plenty of time to play the game while everything is still fresh.

One of the biggest mysteries of the game is how the storyline will continue. A couple of months ago, Zenimax revealed that the final two parts of The Elder Scrolls Online will include two brand new regions for the game, namely Summerset and Azeroth. So far, we’ve only seen maps for Summerset and Azeroth, but it looks like the new storyline will continue from there, too. Whether it’ll be part of the official ESO story, or you play it on your own, is anyone’s guess. For more information, stay tuned to our future articles.